A bit of history:


The company was established by notarial deed on 24.01.2011 as so. object-oriented company whose objective is the realization of the investment associated with buildings of land located in Bielsko-Biala in the area of ​​the street Tuwima. Land for investment, along with a building permit to the company filed its majority shareholder – a company of Polish MAGAM POLAND Ltd., the second shareholder is British law.


The contract with the General Constructor Spes Bau Polska signed for the realisation of the investment.


The construction field is handed to the General Constructor.

June 2012

The construction begins with the foundation trench.

Majority shareholder information:


The company operates within the investor group. The first of the group of companies was established in 1976. Investing in real estate is one of the types of activities of the group, which is principally engaged in the Polish company. In addition to the investment in the real estate market, the group conducts the business of renting real estate (including commercial and office space), advisory activities to optimize business solutions to customers in the local and overseas markets, helps in the formal organization of business, the selection of appropriate solutions tax and business objectives, taking into account the specific client. A separate part of the working group for many years in the financial market, offering individual investment solutions for the most demanding customers, including the management entrusted assets. The group’s activities include global markets, including but not limited to: United States, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Poland. Current areas of activity illustrate group websites: (projects in the field of real estate) and (financial markets).

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