The investments made ​​by the investor:

The investor has operated on the European market for about 20 years. It invests both in undeveloped and built real estate. Purchased properties are renovated or reconstructed in the way that they meet new demands related to their new purpose. The group’s activity is currently focused in Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, United States and Poland.

The most important company’s building projects in Great Britain are listed on the website of Consultancy and Advisory Bureau Limited ( The vast majority of these constructions are utility buildings, mainly offices and trading spaces. Almost all of the investments have already been sold to new owners. Some of the real estates are on a long-term lease – frequently leased to institutions of public administration.

In Switzerland pictures and details of the newest project are available on the Immofan SA website (

The most interesting projects of the Group are:

In Italy, in the town of Rivoli nearby Turin, a housing estate has been built. It is a complex of detached villas, each of them having a distinctive, personalized architectural style (customized projects). In the Swedish, seaside Malmö, the investor is currently completing a project of renovating and rebuilding of a historical tenement house, located in the centre of the old town, close to the railway station. Restoration of the façade has been carried with the goal to preserve all the beautiful details decorating the entrance and windows. The house was given a new application – it will serve as a 3-star hotel and partly as high standard apartments. Negotiations of a long term agreements with future tenants are currently in progress.

A sizable, both – housing and utility, complex Residenza La Monda was opened in Switzerland, in one of its most picturesque and rich cantons (Ticino), in Agno, in the second half of 2011. Complex consists of three multi-storey buildings. Housing apartments and office spaces have been realized in the „turnkey” standard from high quality materials using cutting-edge pro-environmental technologies (especially in terms of heating and soundproofing of the premises). The estate is located in vicinity of the main road, train station and airport that has daily airline connections with Zurich and Geneva. Part of the premises contains offices of the biggest companies of the group: Heliting SA and Zheling SA.

The previous office of those companies – Stabile Al Ponte – is located in neighbouring Massagno and is at present a housing-utility, high standard building, designated for rent.

Pictures of the described structures are displayed above. You will find other photos on the above mentioned websites.